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It is useful to know that you might hear mortgages that are called "bonds" in South African English. A number of South African mortgage banks are willing to lend to foreign nationals, but this depends on the individual's financial situation. Interested in discussing your mortgages choices? You can repossess your home if you do not maintain your mortgages. Interested in discussing your mortgages choices?

Contact us if you are looking for a minimal annual income of 300,000, a net value of more than 3m and an outstanding home loan scheme tailored to your needs.

They are not eligible for persons with more than four assets and/or who earn 51% or more of their real estate earnings. A first court fee will be charged on the buy-to-lease real estate which is located in the UK and must be your own possession. Proceeds from renting the pledged land are transferred to this personal ledger.

As soon as we have reviewed your request, we will verify our safety standards. You must rent the buy-to-lease properties to lessees who only want to use them for housing use. There is a stipulation that the real estate may not be inhabited by you or a close relative at any point.

Different rental policy applies to your rental of the buy-to-lease objects. When your loan is repaid, the duration of the loan can be up to 25 years. When your loan is only on an interest rate base, the max maturity is 15 years. Normal mortgages are fixed on a month-by-month base.

If you are provided with an illustrated version, your mortgages will be listed in detail according to your particular needs. If you have a redemption loan, your mortgages rates cut the amount due over the life of the loan. If you have a pure interest rate mortgages, the amount of interest you are paying with your mortgages depends on the number of workingdays in each month.

The amount of your hypothecation rates changes in both cases according to the interest changes. Buy-to-let our mortgages can be one of the following or a mix of these: Interest only: If your interest rates only comprise interest during the life of the security. At the end of the period you will still have to pay the principal of the credit and you will have to make your own provisions to pay it back in full.

Payback: Here your mortgages pay back the principal amount of the credit plus interest over the entire life of the credit. That means that at the end of the life your hypothec will be fully paid back. Loans are granted on the condition that the real estate is valued satisfactorily by appraisers commissioned by us.

You will be asked to pay the appraisal fees before the contract is signed and the value of the mortgages will be stated. Furthermore, the estimates of the month-to-month rent of the buy-to-lease properties, as evaluated by our appraisers, must reach the minimal rent value necessary to be eligible for a credit. Remember that the mortgages may not be redeemed out of your earnings or out of the revenue from the disposal of your South African possession.

Remember that the value of the loans in your local currencies may vary so that if the value of your local currencies falls in relation to GBP Pound sterling, the value of your loans would rise. If so, you may have difficulties making your periodic payments, and the total amount of your mortgage could rise significantly.

It is necessary to take out a building policy that covers the full replacement value of your buy-to-lease real estate. You may be required to take out other types of cover as collateral for your mortgages, such as endowment policies. Buy-to-Let mortgages that you pay back prematurely or in full may be subject to a prepayment penalty.

A credit artwork can be provided to verify whether a prepayment penalty is due. If a prepayment penalty is due, it will be charged as a percent of the amount we make available to you. However, any early redemption or overpayment must be at least 5,000 more than your total amount of your total loan.

If your credit is granted only on an interest rate base, in whole or in part, you must make special provisions to pay back the principal amount of the credit that you will be owing at the end of the life of the mortgages.

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