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Request a home loan online. Interest rates today are still at historic lows. I and my team are committed to helping people get housing loans.

Home Loans Foundation, is today launching its BTL offering solely via the brokerage sector.

The Foundation Home Loans will distribute its funds through nine of the UK's most prestigious resellers, who will be in charge of dealing with inquiries, assisting the agent and dealing with applications. We believe that our importers will be satisfied with the Foundation Home Loan opportunities on the open markets. Renters of all kinds now have a powerful new asset in Foundation Home Loans with a well thought-out portfolio of offerings and many initiative in the pipeline."

Mr Hans Geberbauer, Chief Executive Officer of the Foundation Home Loans and Paratus AMC, said: "It is our belief that the bubble tank segment will turn out to be an enormous growing area in 2015 and beyond. Our strengths, our outstanding track record in the financial services industry and our expertise in the breadth of the breadth of the BTL industry, which we have accumulated from more than 70,000 cases of past and present cases, put us in an outstanding competitive advantage to provide the industry not only with powerful product offerings, but also with a sustained and real-world offering across the industry".

The Foundation Home Loans is in a uniquely positioned to enter the industry with an entrenched, highly profiled foundation, 120 seasoned employees and an unparalleled insight into how BTL loans work." Your expert knowledge will enable us to develop our franchise and optimise our offer thanks to your inputs, while at the same making sure that the producers receive the best possible services for their customers".

Home Loans Foundation introduces a new 5-year BTL program.....

The Foundation Home Loans has started a new five-year fixed-rate business for a temporary period, primarily targeting asset and non-portfolio lenders. This new buy-to-lease offering, known as Standard Plus, has an interest of 3.54%, set until 31 July 2023, up to 75% Loan-to-Value with a handling charge of 2%.

For the brokerage of a mortage we can levy a standard commission of up to 2% of the amount of the credit.

For the brokerage of a mortage we can levy a standard commission of up to 2% of the amount of the credit. You can repossess your home if you do not keep the repayment of your home loan. Will anyone be able to sustain your mortgages in the case of your death? When not, then your belongings may have to be sold in order to refund the mortgage, which would obviously cause your familys more hardship on what would be an extremely stressful period for them anyway.

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