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credit facilities Loan facilities backed by UK export financing can give UK investment goods exporter rapid credit to funds provided by a UK banking institution to help a foreign purchaser buy UK export. Credit facilities can be established to make this possible: Financing can be provided in the major commercial currency markets (including Pound Sterling, US Dollar and Euro).

This chart shows how UK Export Finance gives the institution a guaranty that the borrowers will reimburse the loans. Bankers are paying the importer out of the credit. It is the UK exporter who delivers the investment goods and/or service to the purchaser. Buyers must make payment to the banking institution that serves as the debtor.

A credit line is granted to the debtor by the intermediary and the debtor pays back the credit under the credit line. Purchasers may also act as borrowers themselves (if this is reasonable for us), otherwise an eligible local banking institution in the borrowers jurisdiction must act as borrowers.

With a general credit line, a non-resident is almost always the main borrowing. Protection is provided against non-payment by the Mortgagor under the Term Loan. 2. For each agreement funded by the credit line, the limit is 85% of the order value.

At least 15% of the order value must be directly transferred from the purchaser to the extruder before the credit is reimbursed. Up to 80% of the value of the export order may be considered for overseas contents (the costs to the Exporter of buying goods or subcontractor service outside the UK).

At least 2 years must elapse before the credit line is repaid. Information available in this booklet does not constitute a full account of credit facilities and many particular sui generis features may have been omitted.

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