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house purchase

We offer a range of services to support the purchase or sale of residential real estate. House Purchase Plans - EZV Manual an agreement contained in one or more instrument (s) or agreement (pursuant to Art. 63F(3) of the Regulation on regulated activities) which, at the date of its conclusion, fulfils the following conditions: a) the agreement is an agreement whereby a party (the "home purchase provider") acquires a qualifying interest relating to property or an undivided portion of a qualified interest relating to property; b) if an undivided portion of a qualified interest relating to property is acquired, the interest is retained in escrow for the home purchase supplier and the entity or escrow agents in (c) as economic lessees;

d ) the house buyer (if he is a natural person) or a natural entity who is the recipient of the Trusts (if the house buyer is a trustee) or a related party is authorised under the Agreement to own and intend to own at least 40 per cent of the relevant property as or in relation to a home during that term; in this sense "related party" means "related party":

House purchase and sale - mobility services

We have a range of different types of real estate management solutions that we can provide to help with the purchase or disposal of your home. It is the role of this department to help your transferor create a real sales transaction of his house to an external purchaser. The advisor acts as an attorney for the transferee to all participants.

Customer Value Options Service complements Home Marketing Assitance Service. Using the Buyers Value Options Service, the value of the house of your transferred associate is calculated by the amount a good faith purchaser will be paying for the house. If you are our customer, this alternative will usually save you significant costs in comparison to the Guaranteed Offer Service, although there are some risk involved.

Warranted Offer Service is the most complete service we offer. Buy the houses of your transferred staff directly and take care of all facets of your merchandising, reselling and closure. In this case, the house is purchased by the transferor as part of a work transaction. Whilst significant fiscal advantages can be achieved, your transferor will also benefit from a guarantee of a house purchase and an immediate capital outflow.

We have built strong relations with mortgages banks that provide a wide range of competitively priced financial services. Have your relocation advisor help you choose the best mortgagor and speed up credit handling can help you lower the costs of housing and more.

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