Home Rehab Loans

Heim-Reha loans

The Community Equipment Service lends a variety of equipment and aids for people. Assisted early discharge and rehabilitation at home. Mortgages for private customers With our highly trained and knowledgeable credit officers in the municipalities we support, we can help you find the right loans for you. To arrange credit advice, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us wherever it is comfortable for you - at home or in the offices, at one of our offices or by telephone - so that we can help you to reach your objectives.

Please contact us for your personal credit advice.

Individual solutions for house construction

Just like Nordstern am Himmel, we are leaders in system-built houses and provide house purchasers with a consistent, dependable business associate every step of the way. This is why we only work with the best construction centres to provide our clients with a wide range of tailor-made solutions: energy-efficient houses, multi-generation houses, apartment houses, block houses, holiday houses, townhouses, booths, duplex houses, business houses and more to suit your budgets and esthetic needs.

We have a home for everyone and every type of lifestyle, from farm to cap model, from detached to multi-family houses and from chalet-style module houses to system-built booths. And our outstanding Custom Home Building Solutions support doesn't stop with you. Our in-house finance also includes a loan restructuring programme that makes home ownership a real possibility for more prospective home buyers.

Visit us near the I-25 near Johnson's Corner to find out more about our high end, customized houses and visit one of our local pattern houses today!

drug link safeguards households in order to help prevent dependence

When the center's landlord, a municipal building society, tried to resell the real estate, Drauglink was anxious to ensure consistency for the communities it helped. Drauglink turned to CAF Bank to obtain the financing they needed to buy Nascent House. A £350,000 credit repaid over a 20-year period allowed the completion of the real estate acquisition and secured a solid, long-term home for the charity's service and a foundation for growth.

Since then Druglink has been on the shortlist of the UK House Awards 2017 and looks to the bright side. Druglink's Sarah Clark, General Manager of Druglink's Financial and Commercial Services, says: "We have individuals who have been dealing with addictive problems for years, maybe 20 years, when they come to us. We asked the owner if they would consider reselling their property to us.

You said yes, and we turned to the CAF bank. "CAF Bank has performed due diligence as expected. We liked the fact that they saw all our work and how it fits together.

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