Hotel Bridge Loans

Loan for a hotel bridge

E&B-5 Financial Review - Pre- and interim finance EB-5 Diligence on 3 June 2015 "Dealing with senior borrowers in EB-5" was related to the use of EB-5 finance in combination with priority finance and possibly bridge finance. Obviously, leading creditors have learned more about EB 5 finance options and are increasingly willing to use EB 5 equity.

Because of the perception of the risks of a failing loan programme and the adverse impact it may have on public opinion, many creditors will not want to participate in an EB 5 programme. Meanwhile, however, several institutions are willing and engaged in EB 5 finance. In the view of the senior borrower, the questions are related to the possibility of granting a subordinated borrower EB 5 a guarantee of EB 5's exposure to provide security in the form of a guarantee of EB 5's exposure to a subordinated borrower and the lender's capacity to take over the loan as a guaranteed borrower.

One of the major problems of the FB 5 investor is the inexperience of the EB 5 firm and its incapacity to actually assume the role of debtor in the case of failure. Consequently, as a rule, senior creditors seek a full moratorium arrangement under which the EB 5 creditor (NCE) has no right, even in the case of failure, to take measures to enforce its security until the credit transaction is completed.

Part of this lifecycle is that the lead creditor will usually give formal default notification and an occasion for healing and possibly the right to repay the prior debt. Personally, I have been engaged in credit operations where the lead creditor of the NCE has also granted the right to take over the credit if he consults a skilled designer, contractor or broker who has the experience and capability to take over the first mortgages and take over all issues related to the design and operations of the property.

The benefits of a loan in the context of the EB 5 programme have been debated. A key benefit from a merchandising point of view is that if the Senior Creditor has authorised the finance of the scheme and supervises the finance and due care associated with the scheme, this provides extra safeguards for the EB 5 investor.

It is assumed that the SLA will have exercised due care and will not borrow unless the proposed transaction is in order and properly documented, e.g. environment, titles, zone allocation, permit and the like. Another benefit of a SLO is that the EB can boot 5 lenders with credit management and relies on reporting that the SLO receives in relation to inspection and drawing applications.

Use of bridging finance to pre-finance the EB 5 loans is becoming more and more frequent as the client accesses resources and does not wait longer for funding to be available. Under the Bridge Finance Approach, Bridge Creditors intend to use the EB 5 resources to redeem the Bridge Term Loan. 4.

However, it is possible to make the EB 5 accounts conditional on a tri-party lock-box arrangement under which the NCE, if the EB 5 revenue is paid out from the trust and jeopardised with the NCE, can have these resources carried over to repay the bridging credit in an automatic manner. It is very important in this context to verify that the payments made under the bridging credit correspond to the payments that the NCE would have made, i.e. with all the cash flowing into the work.

All incidental costs not otherwise eligible for EB 5 would have to be borne by non-EB 5 resources to guarantee EB 5 programme adherence. A further problem with bridge finance is the possible failure of the bridge loans. As a rule, the latter has a lien on the borrowing unit and the right to protect the EB 5 funds, which otherwise come from the trust and can repay a defaulting credit.

It includes a termination and the possibility of healing, expanded healing privileges at maturity of the bridging credit, which is usually of a short-term character, and the affirmation that EB 5 resources will be used to immediately address a failure not only under the bridging credit but also under the prior ranking credit.

Complexity of EB 5 funding has grown dramatic in recent years and EB 5 credit processes themselves have become an important part of the EB 5 programme for the benefit of SPEs and RECs.

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