House Bridge Loan

Hausbrücke Loan

As an example, you could use a bridging loan to buy a new house, but find that under the terms of the loan you could not occupy the house! Bridge loans from Haus Crowd Finance You are a real estate landlord looking for a quick, easy and short-term bridge loan? At HC Finance we offer bridge credits for real estate and corporate clients. So if you are looking for a short-term finance facility to help with a real estate or commercial deal, HC Finance Bridge Finance might be the right choice for you.

Clients use their bridge credits for housing or business real estate deals, redevelopment or refurbishment as well as for rapid liquidity generation for their business. Would you like a bridge loan? Bridge credits are intended to help you bridge the gap betweeen a loan you own and your principal line of credit that becomes available".

Mortgages are conceived to be short-term and allow you to take full benefit of short-term possibilities. It is also used to quickly shut down a real estate (often through auctions) or to assist redevelopment or refurbishment work. Especially for companies, interim financing also assists in solving problems with liquidity.

As soon as the credit contract is approved, we will send your funds to you as soon as possible. As a bridging creditor, we take our responsibility very seriously and will stress that there is a reasonable way out before we make a fundamental choice. Usually this occurs either through the purchase of real estate or through longer-term refinancing with another creditor, e.g. a buy-to-lease mortgages.

An interim loan could be the keys to opening up your next business venture.

Bridge loans for the reduction of real estate holdings

Reducing your home can provide many benefits, especially if you are looking to get nearer to the home or are saving yourself a lot of time. On the other hand, the reduction of staff can often involve a number of different types of challenge. How can the reduction of staff pose a challenge? Much of the down-sizing hassle can be traced back to the selling of your old home in connection with the buying of your new home.

When you are in a position where you are "rich in assets" but "poor in money", a bridge loan can make a big difference in your position and take extra strain off the sale of your home. What can a bridge loan do to help me reduce the size? How is a down-sizing loan? Buyers use bridge credits to fund a wide range of real estate opportunities - read our case study for more information.

No matter what your barriers to down-sizing, we can help you get ahead with a bridge loan. When your loan is settled, we can process your request. They must be filed through an agent governed by the FCA.

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