House Finance Loan

home financing loan

In-House financing for private homes, commercial buildings. Residential loans with Pag Ibig Finance Bank Finance Inhouse Finance. Expertise and special financing for social and affordable housing projects. On the anniversary of the granting of the loan once a year.

Guesthouse Financing, Mortgage and Business Loan Professionals

The operation of a guesthouse can be a good way to make the jump from the normal nine to five and lead a good life. And the only barrier is how to ensure the financing of guesthouses. Since the inns are property and provide a good remaining housing value, the bank sees them as outstanding collateral and is therefore largely in favour of granting loans.

Principal characteristics of an inn mortgages are a 15-20 year maturity, seasonality and a loan to real estate value relationship of 60-70%. The Stewart Hindley & Partners team is an expert financial intermediary specializing in the financing of hotels, B&Bs and guesthouses. As we work on the no win, no fairy principle, our brokerage fees are not due until we have received a financing for you.

Self- Build Finance | Affirmative

With a self-construction it is a matter of realizing your real estate dreams. The organisation of financing to finance the various facets of your self-construction projects is also crucial to your own sucess. Where can you use Self-Build Finance? Our services can help you get your projects going and keep them on the right path at all phases.

Our experience has allowed us to create many successful cases in which we have financed real estate acquisitions and redevelopment work. Whatever the problem, we can help you finance your self-build. When your loan is settled, we can process your request.

Lithuanian banking processes "Halal loans" on the basis of Islam principle

Another Norwegian banking institution has suggested a'halal' credit programme basing on Islamist principals which prohibits the collection of interest. Storebrand, which is active in Norway and Sweden, started a website asking for feed-back on an initiative to introduce new interest-free credits to target Moslem home purchasers, many of whom do not want to take out conventional mortgages because of their beliefs.

Interested parties" were invited to contact the banks, and within a single weekend around 300 persons had shown interest. Saying in a statement on the now-closed site, the bank: "We have also been contacted by UK and Malaysian finance consultants to assist us with this kind of lending".

This follows a similar regime introduced in the United Kingdom in 2013. Headquartered in West London, Al Rayan Bank provides rental-based lending on similar conditions to conventional interest rates mortgage lending.

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