House Loan Payment

home loan payment

No guarantee is given that you will get SMI for a mortgage or loan that you take out. Use this page as a benefit guide to pay your rent, council tax or mortgage loan. Advantages to support rental payment, municipal tax or mortgages/house credit

You will not be paid if you are hospitalised for more than 52 consecutive week if you are renting your house and receive housing benefits (England, Scotland and Wales) or housing benefits (Northern Ireland) or if you buy your house and receive help with interest on a loan redemption. Their council tax assistance will also be discontinued if you spend longer than 52 Weeks in the infirmary.

If you are going to stay in bed for a longer length of stay, you should seek the help of an experienced performance consultant. When you have a spouse, they may have to assert a right to receive compensation. The Turn2us Find an adviser utility allows you to find a consultant locally.

Requesting an urgent payment or items from the home

When you are in a financial distress, you can request an urgent payment or help with important domestic objects. Our amount for contingency payment and home supplies will depend on this: As a rule, you can request an urgent payment once in a given timeframe of 12 months and once in a given timeframe of 24 months for domestic goods.

Extraordinary conditions can occur, such as floods, fires or if you flee from home abuse, where we can assist you with a second rescue service. If you want, you can apply: They can also come to your Citizen Service Point. Successfully completed contingency payment requests are issued on the next business or workday.

Contingency payment is a small amount of cash issued in the shape of super market coupons for co-op branches and Tesco or sometimes a prepaid credit line. In the event that we determine that you have misspent the funds, you will be permanently prohibited from benefiting from this facility in the event of any fraud. This voucher must be collected from our Tempel Street Citizen Services Point, please show your ID.

There'?s no way we?re making money. We can only make a payment on the same date in exceptional cases. Registrations for household goods are only accepted on-line (see above). When you have trouble using a computer, go to 100 Temple Street and have an assistant help you with your application.

We decide within 3 to 5 working day whether your Household Goods complaint is successfull or not. You will be contacted by telephone to talk about your requirements. Once a ruling has been made, we will try to call you and also write to your home to inform you of the result of your complaint.

We will most likely not be able to fulfill all your wishes, so please make a list of the most important articles for you on your request. Please also see the Other Help and Advice section, which we will provide you with alternatives to the service you can choose to use.

When you are succesful, home appliances are usually a mix of new and refurbished articles by our domestic distributors, including: refrigerators and deep freeze cabinets, you can get additional help with your rental or removal expenses by requesting a discretionary housing premium. Free of charge payment processing software is available to help you administer your funds on the website of the Currency Advice Service.

Further counselling centers can be found on the website of the counselling network.

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