House Remodeling

building conversion

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That £25,000 house renovation has turned this dark and small kitchen into a real kitchen.

The conversion of the galley and the extension into the backyard resulted in a multifaceted, light-flooded room. Naatasha Prime, 37, an A&E physiotherapist, and spouse Matthew, 39, a doctor, sick into her digit room, four-story Edwardian townhouse in Hammersmith, West London, one when female offspring, Isla, now digit gathering old, was photograph a juvenile, and since Henry, had one, had.

So what happened to the old cuisine? An extension on one side seemed to have to be defeated, and there was little in the way of nature at all. It was the big idea to stretch into the backyard to make room for food and relaxation and to clear the cultivation once and for all.

Really we had to bring more lighting into the room and wanted a shaker type decorated cuisine with an isle. When you were at work, you left your house. On the back side of the house we removed and at the same place we renewed the attic. The area is flooded with daylight and we can open the door completely when the sun is shining.

We have redesigned our gardens and the terrace blocks have been placed level with the fitted tile so that there is good accessibility when the folding door is open. Yes, apart from having to hide a column of stainless stell, the adjacent walls had to be slightly forward to keep the cabinets upright.

In order to prevent the doors of cabinets from opening, we have installed a built-in body-holder. It glides behind a stand partition, which is now clad with lines of furniture, providing a smooth finishing touch.

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