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housing loans

It is sometimes referred to as home financing or homeowner loans. No matter whether you are buying a home for the first time, building a house or investing in real estate, we offer a range of home loans to suit your needs. With our personal loan, your plans are simply brought to life. Request our housing loan and set foot in your property. Prolongation of the term and increase of the total amount of the housing loan.

home loan

Capital and interest loans to support the cost of renovating and refurbishing. There is a £15,000 limit and a 5,000 limit on the amount available. This is a discriminatory subsidy for property holders who receive either a subsidy or a loan from the Council. Up to £5000 discount loan for substantial repair.

Claimants must be low-paid (means test applied) or must be necessary for certain services and the work necessary to tackle a risk of Class 1 (a risk which may cause serious injury to occupants). At the time the real estate is sold, the loan is fully redeemable and remains a real estate lien against the real estate until it is redeemed.


It is a DM 12 million ten-year secure building loan scheme. It will be intended for on-lending to private mortgage lenders. Eesti Uhispank's development policy for private customers; (ii) promote competitiveness in the domestic bank sector; (iii) promote home ownership and promote the building sector.

It will have a beneficial effect on the switchover by allowing an estrian banking institution to provide its customers with long-term sources for which no funds are available on the domestic markets and by encouraging the growth of the residential building sector. The Union of Estonia (Eesti Uhispank) is Estonia's second biggest financial institution in Estonia in total balance sheet area.

The head office is in Tallinn and there are over 70 branch offices in Estonia. Pohja-Eesti Pank (North Estonian Bank) has recently become part of Pohja-Eesti Pank. It is used to sublet to individuals to buy first homes in Estonia. To find out how to order a Public Sector Board report, please see the Public Information Policy page below.

For information on how to file a claim, please refer to the Project Complaint Mechanism page.

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