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A representative example of a home loan. Audi Bank - Housing loans Audi Syria sa bank's housing loan provides its clients with the option of more flexible and comfortable home loans: General Terms and Conditions for Home Loans: Currency of the loan: The client submits all necessary documentation regarding his/her person, salary and property. Clients are obliged to take out both physical and endowment insurances on behalf of the Group. The home object of the loan must have a mortage in favour of the beneficiary institution. To the extent it deems necessary for the authorisation of the loan, the EIB shall reserve the right to require any further securities, sureties or documentation.

home loan

Home loan are long-term credits designed for customers who obtain fully or partly periodic montly earnings on a bank opened transactions bankroll. Disbursements of this kind are made in such a way that the proceeds of the loan are paid directly into the seller's or investor's bank accounts.

If the building of the building is to be financed, the Bank may directly pay a certain part of the amount of the loan to the Customer's bank account due to the special nature of this type of finance, in which the payment is made in accordance with the specified timetable and building conditions. Principal characteristics of the loan: Nominal fixed interest rate of 5.49% p.a.

The borrower may have a co-debtor (who is also a permanent customer of the bank) who is creditworthy and to whom the same terms of the loan apply. Below is a sample amortisation plan for the Ziraat Housing Loan; (*) The customer's overall payment amounts include the loan amount, the overall interest, the loan management charge, the bill of exchange charges of EUR 2.00 and the Regulatory Bureau's request charge of EUR 3.00.

The cost of the estimate, property and casualty has not been taken into account in the computation of overall cash flows and the computation of interest rates.

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