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Purchase housing finance in India: State Systems for People with Disabilities Andhra Pradesh by the Ministry of the Welfare of Woman, Children, Handicapped and Seniors The Department of Rural Development in the State of Andhra Pradesh administers it. Handicapped people must be older than one year, which means that there is no ageing barrier. The MBPY-I claim request can be obtained free of charge from the Office of the Block Development Officer or Executive Officer or the Municipality / NAC or Gram Panchayat Headquarters.

Visually impaired people are eligible for free travel by coach in the town and in accompanied intercity coaches. Disabled people in the countryside receive a 50% discount on the price of basic tariffs. Access is only possible for the visually impaired without work.

Applicants may contact the Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation directly (APSTRC) to obtain the Bus Passport after having applied in a mandatory form together with the necessary deeds. The State of Andhra Pradesh provides subsidies for marriages between handicapped and non-handicapped persons managed by the Ministry of the Welfare of Handicapped and Older Persons.

50.000/- is paid immediately to the spouse where one or both partners are deactivated. Applicants can obtain the claim forms from the Deputy Director, Welfare of the Handicapped and Senior Citizens in the Regional Council and must submit them at the same address. The pair must be present on the day of the verifying official together with the necessary authentication document and other particulars.

A postgraduate fellowship and the refund of study costs to the beneficiaries with handicaps for various classes are available. The programmes are managed by the Hyderabad Disability and Elderly Well-being Unit. Applicants may request further information from the Women's, Children's, Handicapped and Older People's Health Unit.

The state does not introduce benefits for people with disabilities.

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