Housing Loan Benefits

Advantages of the Home Loan

Advantages for low-income university graduates Sometimes part-time and certain groups of full-time learners may be entitled to income-related benefits. This includes among other things incomes support and housing allowance. The benefits for the pupils vary depending on your individual situation, such as your salary and your saving. They may not be able to receive benefits if the revenue you receive from financing your studies is too high.

So if you already receive income-related benefits and want to take a course at a higher level, you should ask your social security/ employment and support bureau how this will impact your benefits. And if you are currently at a higher educational institution, a study advisor can help you find out whether you are entitled to benefits.

The majority of full-time college graduates are not entitled to income-related benefits, but you may be able to make a claim if you:: When you have a non college graduate who is entitled to income-related benefits, your affiliate can have both. If they have a low salary and fulfil the relevant requirements, part-time scholars can request income-related benefits.

Benefits related to your earnings that you may be able to claim: In determining whether you are entitled to income-related benefits during your studies, certain kinds of financing are considered incomes. Type of pupil development that are considered as incomes are: Following points do not qualify as income: When you receive other assistance, talk to your academic advisor at the institution to see if they are included as incomes in your benefit calculation.

When you study full-time, you may be eligible for unemployment benefit during the holidays: Possibly you can also ask whether you are awaiting a return to a course after you have taken an authorised time-out for a maximum of one year due to an illness or nursing responsibilities that have now been completed.

When you study part-time, you may be eligible for the jobseeker's allowance if you are: Invalidity benefit and employment and allowance (ESA) are a source of assistance for persons with an illness related to their work. Students who already use one of these services may be able to continue using it as a graduate trainee.

In addition to working, if you are a full-time or part-time trainee, you may be eligible for a tax credit. You cannot also take advantage of the day care allowance if you get the care component of the work tax credit. If you are a parent in charge of a minor, you may be eligible for a tax credit.

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