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housebuilding loan company

How is THFC different from other lenders to housing companies? and THFC - The Housing Finance Corporation Limited (The Housing Finance Company) Up to the eighties almost the entire building of housing for welfare and utility purposes was manufactured by the municipalities through subsidies directly provided by the government or through the building society. In 1979-1990, the Thatcher government took the decision to reduce government debt by focusing on the use of personal financing as an alternate form of financing for the maintenance and building of new housing.

As a result, housing companies[HAs] have been able to substitute large volume volunteer relocations for replacing locals as the UK's leading provider of affordability/social housing. On its own, this does not guarantee affordability of rent ing, restoration of the property or proper maintenance of the town. However, HAs in most cases stay resilient and have powerful finance rating systems.

Indeed, although faced with restructuring, HAs are one of the most efficient ways to avoid further declines in population. Working within a uniquely public-private relationship that enables the continuous building, servicing and repairs of affordably priced housing, they are also an important intermediary in serving municipalities at community, provincial and country levels.

The THFC is committed to the responsible coordination of investments in the housing sector. Our long-term relations are with the UK authorities (an exclusively partnered, highly acclaimed UK housing guarantee scheme from 2013), the European investment bank (whose funds we can transfer at prime costs without demanding any trading profits), the Homes and Communities Agency, the National Housing Federation and other large financial and housing companies.

The THFC and a number of its affiliates are incorporated with the Financial Conduct Authority. THFC, in its capacity as a charitable registration agent, is a nonprofit, non-regulated financial institution, and its affiliates adhere to conservative obligations, provide protection against interest fluctuation risks and provide variable fees charged on THFC investments to shareholders.

Either the FCA or the THFC makes all documents publicly available and all annual accounts are drawn up and executed in accordance with the valid reporting standard. Due to the diversified mixture of HA borrower types that THFC has developed in its 30-year commercial track record, combined with our regulatory business set-up, our clients benefit from spread exposure across the entire instrument and borrower population.

THFC is a resilient buisness with a variety of distinguishing features and unparalleled expertise in the affordability of housing.

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