How can I get a copy of my Credit Report

Where can I get a copy of my credit report?

Could someone living with me influence my credit rating? Difficulties in obtaining credit and other financial services. Must I get my credit report from all three rating agencies? To a credit report there is more than just a list of how much of the money you owe and to whom. If my credit application is rejected, what should I do?

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Most Frequently Asked Queries

The information is stored by credit bureaus and forms your credit history. Their credit profiles are one of the things that creditors consider when determining whether they will provide credit to you. Once you are a member, you can learn more by logging into your Credit Tracker account and clicking on My Credit History.

The credit report is provided by Callcredit and is a synopsis of your credit history and your Callcredit standing. With a bad credit profil can lead to you being rejected for a loan or a higher interest rate being calculated. It is a three-digit numeric value in the range 0 to 710 deduced from a maths equation or algorithms that computes your credit rating using crude information in your credit history database.

Creditworthiness: Callcredit credit report is provided by Callcredit, a UK credit reference agency. Because the information in a credit history is for you personally. There are three credit agencies in the United Kingdom - Experian, Callcredit and Equifax. Their credit standing is established by Callcredit and is 1 to 5-star.

Thats because it can indicate to a creditor that you could use all the credit available to you immediately and thereby get into more indebtedness than you can handle. It is not possible for us to make the changes because your Callcredit credit report consists of information that Callcredit (the credit report) has about you.

When you find something incorrect in your Callcredit Credit Report, call us at 0345 600 6237*. It is only you, Callcredit and our dedicated Callcredit Credit Services staff who can see detail in your Callcredit Credit Report. Anyone who has at their disposal your credit history information may only see it with your consent and only because we are doing so to help you.

Your credit record contains a six-year credit record. Creditors usually look at the last six years of your credit histories. The Callcredit Credit Report shows you the value of your credit histories for two years. The full six-year overview can be viewed by viewing your Callcredit Credit Report on-line.

The system notifies you of credit profiles. We will also notify you if there has been no action in a given period of a few months so that you can be sure that we will continue to monitor your credit history. CCJ will stay in your credit history for six years, although once you have payed it will be flagged as "satisfied" and creditors will see that you have repaid this loan.

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