How can I get Credit with no Credit History

What is the best way to get a loan without a credit check?

Making banking easy, no credit check Personal accounts. Poor creditworthiness, or no credit at all, can make it difficult to be approved for some financial products in the UK. What causes a bad credit rating in the first place? However, then you apply for a mortgage and it is turned - because the lender has no data to go on.

Ain' no credit history. Maximum auto funding.

Understanding that sometimes it can be hard to get auto financing if you don't have a credit history. Maximum Credit works with a select group of UK creditors, and if you fulfil our credit requirements we will be happy to say yes to the financing you need.

We' re not focusing on your credit history so far, we' re looking at what's going on now. Once you have met our credit requirements, we will work diligently to find the right financing solution for you. We have a highly experienced automotive financing distribution staff who will review your actual financing situation and find the best financing plan for you to make the credit payment within your budgets.

Creditors who look at cell phones records for those with no credit history.

A number of financial institutions and telephone companies are considering the use of portable credit information, as start-ups around the globe have been successful with the same methodology. In most cases, prospective borrower must allow their wireless information to be accessible in order to improve creditworthiness. A Juvos based application allows pre-paid subscribers to apply for credit renewals.

I' ve got a poor credit history.

Past are the days gone when pre-paid calling plans just gave you a way to top up and deal. If you have a checkered credit record or if you have never received a credit before and are taking your first step towards bank service, this can be perfect.

Further practical hints for improving your creditworthiness can be found here. The prepaid calling plans do not discrimination persons who have got into difficult situations and are registered in the bankruptcy registry. A prepaid calling plan is just that, a plan that allows you to top up with cash and spending the cash you've used.

There are also some that offer the possibility of a free foreign exchange map for trips outside the UK, which can help you cut down on your withdrawals and transactions costs while you enjoy your holidays.

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