How do I know my Credit Rating

Where do I know my credit rating from?

Make your dream come true by actually owning a car with the My Car Loan. It' a new credit card you want? Guarantee loans at favourable interest rates from £1,500 to £12,500

Guarantee credit is an uncollateralised private credit, but if the repayment is not made each month by the debtor, it must be made by a third person - the "guarantor". You must have a pretty good credit rating. At the beginning of the repayment period, be between 21 and 70 years old.

Your house is not at stake. Uniqueness of the guarantee credits means that the guarantee guarantees the repayment of the credit if the debtor cannot afford it, so we demand from the guarantee that it has a fairly good credit rating. If you are the debtor and are experiencing financial difficulties, please contact us as soon as possible and we will do our best to help you.

In the event that the credit is in default and the debtor is not able to cover the deficit, we will notify the guarantee. You will not be billed any prepayments to claim your credit nor will we include any charges in your credit contract. Please let us know if a real estate agent has billed you a commission for applying for one of our guarantee credits.

Director, Non-Banking Financial Institutions, Singapore (20981) in Fitch Ratings, Singapore

One of the world's premier providers of rating and research solutions, Fitch Rates, Fitch Solutions, a premier credit analysis company, and Fitch Learning, a world-class education and learning company. The Fitch Group, with two head offices in London and New York, is held by Hearst. Fitch Rates provides globally oriented prospects that are driven by deep domestic credit industry knowledge and skills.

Fitch Ratings is a credit rating firm that measures the capacity of companies and debt securities to service their credit commitments. Multi-sourced investment and capital markets players base their decisions on credit quality, which indicates how an issuance or deal will develop over the course of evaluating its performance over the years.

This helps us to help our clients to identify credit exposures. FI Group's rating processes are based on a number of rating scores that are unparalleled for Fitch Ratings. Quantify qualitative issues of a bank's strength and weakness, such as asset and liability structure, return on investment, liquidity and liquidity, and credit and liquidity position.

He will be part of the Fitch Non-Banking Financial Institutions (NBFI) group.

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