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Where do I know that my Credit Score is free?

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0-1 St. Johnstone, Hibernian: Shaughnessy headers grabs the victory for visitor

Shaughnessy won in the ninety minutes when St. Johnstone opened Hibernian's first home loss in 2018. But Hibs hadn't missed out on Osterstra├če since losing 2-1 to the Rangers on 13 December. However, St Johnstone skipper Shaughnessy scored a free-kick in the last moment of regular play to seal the Perth side's forth consecutive victory.

Danny Swanson avoided the reddening of the gate after Adam Bogdan rescued the former Hibs man's gentle punishment shortly after the game. Hibs jumped to fifth place in St Johnstone and it is the second year in a row that Hibs have managed a later win at Leith after Steven Maclean's injuries times winners scored a 2-1 win in November 2017.

Lennon Neil went back to the Hibs after being hit by a quarter in the Edinburgh derby in Tynecastle on Wednesday. The two sides did some good work, but Hibs did not have the recklessness and accuracy to make the clean sheet of goal from the centre. The St. Johnstone was sturdy in the back and concise in the front.

Horgan Daryl was a permanent threat to Hibs, but picked the incorrect one too often in the hazard area. Boyle, then Stevie Mallan, had Zander Clark work from afar when Hibs started motorizing. Returning to St. Johnstone for a third incantation, the scenario for the small replacement was scripted to deal a decisive shock.

Collecting, Hibs was stirred up by her goalkeeper's goals and again searching for a win, Jamie Maclaren went near with a salvo and a head shot. It was St. Johnstone - resistant, never-saying St. Johnstone - who threw himself. Hib's chef Lennon was brought to serenade by home supporters after being hit by a medal at the Edinburgh turbulent Wednesday night derby as he came out of the tunnels.

In spite of the dominant ball ownership (62%-38%), Hibs have hardly ever extended a determined defense of St. Johnstone and have now lost the goal in back-to-back-plays. Much as this is due to Lennon's bad midline decisions, Wright, his strategy and the power of his team must be recognized.

Hibs may have been affected by the consequences of what went on at Tynecastle, but after a four consecutive victory and a four straight blade, the Perth side are worthy of being in the top six. "St. Johnstone General Tommy Wright: "Overall, we almost deserve it.

Hibs supporters were quite calm.

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