How Fast can you Clean up your Credit

Can you clear up your balance quickly?

(Speaking of which, make sure you have enough credit on your card to cover the deposit. Once you reach your car, just drop it off. - Attempt to choose a dry cleaner that has been around for several years.

client service

After these 15 min you can book the vehicle (for a fee) for up to 8h. You will be billed for the expenses that have arisen up to this point in your personal or commercial bank accounts. In this case, please call our support by using the phone number on the phone.

We' ll tell you how to get to your vehicle or how to reserve another vehicle for you at no surcharge. There is a Scheder Schedule'Trip Duration' on the front panel to show you how many hours you have used during the hire period (when using the Drive-per-Minute option). When you have reserved an hour or day pack, the clock displays the amount of your available rent.

In order to block the vehicle, just choose this radio box in the application after you have parked. When you' re not using the application, all you have to do is type in your login information via the middle console's ID number. After entering your personal identification number, your hire has started and you can turn on the vehicle with the start/stop-key.

Without your personal identification number you cannot start a rent. In case you have lost your personal identification number, please call our support by using the telephone number on the left. When we can verify your ID by telephone, we will text you your personal identification number (PIN). Verify that you want to install a new unit, enable Bluetooth on your phones and connect your cell phones to your cars.

Connects your telephone. If, however, the tank falls below 25% during or at the end of your trip, we suggest you fill up your vehicle at one of our service points. There is no charge for refuelling - just use the refuelling pass in the centre arm rest.

It displays the number of the petrol pump ID number. You must input this if you are at the checkout. When you need the refueling directions during the hire, touch "Refuel" in the application to display them (including the petrol cardholder PIN!). We will credit your bankroll with 20 extra minute bonuses if the initial amount of petrol at the beginning of your hire was less than 25% and you returned more than 90% of the vehicle in the petrol tanks.

According to our General Business Policy, when you finish your hire, the vehicle must have no less than 15 mile left (for all our gasoline and electrical models). In case you are only allowed to operate automatically with your driver's license, you can only operate our automated vehicles. When you find that a child safety chair is not installed in a vehicle, please contact them.

In these vehicles you are welcome to use your own baby seat. It is your responsibility, however, to return the vehicle in a clean state. In case the interior of the vehicle is very soiled, we have the right to charge you for the necessary maintenance (see our pricelist). You can find further information in our park guidelines.

Please await the reading lamp to turn red to acknowledge that the lease has been successfully completed. To pause briefly while driving, turn off the motor, get off and choose "Park & Keep" in the application. When using a loyalty voucher, place your voucher against the windshield reading device to secure the vehicle.

Free of charge, car parks can be found in any car parks (at the vending machines / on the telephone), in a communal car parks (Pay and Displays or residence permits ), in multi-storey car parks or in a whiteline showing on the road area. Stay for free in all road car parks and view only bays, community bays or whitelines pointing to road car parks.

You can find further information in our park guidelines. Certain outside factors (e.g. sunlight ) can also affect the overall position of your automobile from time to time. In this case, please call the service department via the application or by clicking the "Call service" pushbutton in the on-board computer. We' ll solve the problem and end the lease on your name.

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