How to become a Certified Credit Consultant

Become a Certified Credit Advisor

CPD Certification Service Request CPD certification today. The certification of your CPD material follows a straightforward procedure. CPD service offers different level of memberships depending on your needs and your budgets. Members of CPD are able to take advantage of the main characteristics of CPD affiliation that help achieve commercial, market and educational goals. The CPD is vital to help people, organizations or whole sectors keep their abilities and expertise up to date.


Thank you again for offering such an outstanding and useful level of services to organizations like ours. All our local presentations are CPD certified so individual attendees can meet their CPD hourly needs. This underlines to the representatives that we take education seriously as we are investing in an unbiased evaluation of our education. CPD Certification Services have contributed to creating higher value trainings and strengthening our educational goals.

Our CBD credentialing will help us offer our consultants organized CBD courses to help them better understanding the Will Drawing sector and how to use it in their businesses. We have had great help from The CPD Service in developing our own event program; it really makes sure we keep the event high.

PPD certifications ensure that all Portman Group trainings are structural, academic and pertinent to improving occupational and industrial performance. For all Inside Government activities see our certificate issued by CPS. It is an important way for an employer to demonstrate that it has a structural framework for personnel management and education with clear outcomes.

All I want to do is give me feed back on how easily the trial was made by your services and how useful you all were whenever I had any questions. CPD Certification Services makes the CPD credentialing procedure very simple.

Courses & Qualification

Trustmembers get reduced participation quotas for both beginner and intermediate levels of PHP/Trainings. There are 3 major types of course: You can find the coming certified trainings here. To encourage the uptake of the Passive House standards and to guarantee its correct implementation, the EU financed the CEPH Passive House Design Education Programme throughout the EU.

This course offers further education for architect and consultant who already have experience in energy-optimised buildings and refurbishments. Thermal insulation cladding, structural bridge, passive house window, leak and blower door test, thermography, ventilating, outdoor temperature, remaining thermal use, quality assurance of HVAC, passive house planning package (PHPP), passive house 10 refurbishment, non-residential passive house, economic efficiency and loan programme calculation, tender and award, site supervision and quality assurance, client care.

Once the examination has been passed, the participants are enrolled by the Passive House Institute and receive a certification and label for marketing their work. Certificates and associated material are expiring after 5 years. The extension of the CEPH qualifications via the credit or credit point routes amounts to 450 Euro. Certified Passive House Craftsmen is a new training course designed by the Passive House Institute (PHI) and is aimed at site engineers, site engineers and those responsible for on-site QA. The course contents highlight best practices that are critical to the success of Passive House construction.

As a result of this certification, the contractor and client receive a quality mark and an award that enables them to carry out construction according to the passive house standards. These qualifications also give customers the assurance that a PHI craftsman has the necessary degree of expertise and know-how to erect a passive house compliant structure.

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