How to become an Independent Mortgage Broker

To become an independent mortgage broker

I then went and trained myself as a mortgage broker and did that for a couple of years. Batchelar is an independent financial advisor to Northwood Symonds. Batchelar is an independent finance consultant with Northwood Symonds. I' m an independent finance consultant, so every single working day I meet with customers and advise them according to their situations. There is still a little administrative work, but most of it is really done in front of the customers and then it varies according to the needs of each customer.

So how long have you worked at Northwood Symonds? Have your skills helped or prevented you from getting a position in the finance industry? I then went and educated myself as a mortgage broker and did that for a few years. Then I changed to an FA (Financial Advisor) of a banking institution, and then I came here.

What made you decide to work in the finance sector? What is the best and worse thing about working at Northwood Symonds or your part in particular? How would you advise someone looking for a career in the finance services sector? Someone who wanted to be an IFA?

It' s quite difficult to get into the business because there are very few places that have an education, so the only way to become an IFA is to get started somewhere where you do administration or something, and then practice slow and move through different heights.

Morgage direct - Mortgage broker in Spain in the best company index

Founded in 2006, Mortgage Direct has since become the premier independent mortgage broker in Spain. All over the globe, we provide our customers with competent mortgage consulting services, negotiate preferred conditions and tailor made mortgage arrangements with all major creditors. Spain's real estate boomed in the run-up to the 2007/08 fiscal meltdown, followed by the ensuing global recession, from which the European and international economy is only now beginning to recover.

As real estate values in Spain are rising and creditors are showing an increase in credit appetite and offering competitive rates, more and more rivals are joining the Spanish real estate markets. At Mortgage Direct, we focus on providing our customers with the best possible advisory services and mortgage rates. Over the last 12-month period, we have moved into the mortgage sector in Portugal and applied the same basic values to the way we work and the development of our operations.

Our relationship with creditors has been outstanding and we have had many mortgage deals with very satisfied clients. Mortgage Direct is our name. Our independent and competent service will give you an initial answer within 24hrs. You can also get a cash back warranty and our fees are very cheap.

Our help is available to all nations to obtain mortgage loans for domestic and non-residents equally, for first and second dwellings, for industrial and residential real estate, as well as building and mortgage loans for businesses. Our relationship with some of the world' s top financial institutions enables us to provide our customers with mortgage terms that are not available to other brokers/brokers or even locally based financial institutions.

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