How to Check Credit

To check your balance

Useful information & ideas for credit checks of your clients Further orders require however a careful examination. Provide them with a full credit check and only short controls for smaller ones. Check your clients always by the amount of debts, not by order of alphabet, so that you never experience a large default rate due to shortage of your precious amount of work. Further information on how to understand company credit rating can be found here. When entering into a commercial relation, it may be useful to obtain a credit recommendation for a new client.

Banks will only provide a referral if they have the client's prior approval in writing and usually need a new agency to respond to each individual inquiry. Companies should follow the following procedure to obtain a banking reference: Please submit the enclosed application directly to the client's banking institution.

It may also inform the applicants that they should not simply depend on the Bank's response in making their choice. Banking uses only default rates (e.g. "undoubtedly for your numbers", "respectable and good for your numbers", "customer unknown to us for a long time", "capital/resources fully employed", "cannot argue for your numbers" etc.).

Banking reference should only be used for low-value decision making or to assist other reporting. Keep in mind that a bank's loyality is towards its client and not towards the requester. Here, too, the client must give his consent. Only use arbitrators chosen by you and not the client. Current clients supply us with useful, up-to-date information.

Slower payments or incorrect requests are the trigger for further controls. When you take out credit protection cover, your credit representative can take over the checking for you. You inform your clients, among other things through a quaterly client newsletter. The Trust Online service is run by Registry Trust Limited and is an excellent example of how information is made available to the general public using personal funds.

Inquirers are asked to give full information about the identity of the searcher. Bankruptcy information from 1924-1973 is available upon specific demand, but is not available for general review and is not routine ly checked. Searching may be carried out either in person or by mail, indicating the name, mailing adress, profession and date of ( or approximately age) delivery of the searching name.

Phone queries cannot be answered.

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