How to Check Credit Score

Checking creditworthiness

Skip to How important is my score? Are you looking for more detailed information about your credit rating and credit history? You can use our free and easy credit check service and get your points in a few minutes. You also ask one or more credit agencies to check your credit history. Review your credit report and complain about errors that may reduce your score.

Creditworthiness of Experian

To activate your creditworthiness, specify a validation: When Experian is able to check the above information, you will see that your credit rating is displayed in the application. Education values that we provide to our customers are not the same as those used by creditors or other business customers to make credit choices.

So there are different kinds of credit score, and creditors use a different kind of credit score to make credit choices than the credit score on offer. The score will be updated once a year. Updating does not affect your balance. Our credit management service does not include "credit repair" or " reconstruction " or " improvement " of your borrowing, your credit histories or your creditworthiness.

When you are not able to activate your credit rating: We can' trust Experian to check your name. The Experian may choose not to give a score. When your score differs from another credit rating: The new results are refreshed about once a year. You can calculate your score at different time periods. Note that there is more than one kind of credit rating.

The results (and ranges) may differ. VantageScore is a credit score that has been created by the three credit reference agencies (CRCs) - Experian, TransUnion and Equifax. Please go to for further assistance or to challenge a credit rating.


In order to find out, you need to ask one of the three major British credit bureaus. In order to be able to consult your credit information, Experian asks you to switch to the CreditExpert chargeable services. You then go back to the creditor in question and check that the input is correct. For example, even if they do not consent to your credit reports being changed, Experian will allow you to include up to 200 words that explain why you think the information is imprecise.

It will be added to your reports.

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