How to Check my Credit File

To check my credit file

Register today to find out who you are! For the most part, this is not the case as each credit file is individual unless you have joint debts. The BBC NEWS | Programs | Savings box Obtaining turned down for a credit card debt or a debt because of your approval past can be annoying. However, sometimes the information that credit bureaus have about humans can be false. Should the agency be found guilty, it should punish them to ensure that they are suffering from maladministration in their production.

In addition, they should verify their facts before they store and use information. The persons concerned have no way of knowing what is taking place without detours and the helpdesks should be more open about their functioning. Every adverse information about a person should be checked in an alternate way before it is used.

Full accountability should be taken by all owners if something turns out to be incorrect and it should be handled much faster than before. In January 2005, when I was rejected for a 0% credit worthiness cardboard, I was amazed as I had superior appraisal and had never been rejected before.

Thus I contacted an agent who asked for my credit file and found that all my debt had been duplicated as the agent had drawn up two credit histories for me, one under my home name and another under my number. What happens when a creditor does a credit check on my home name and number like many do?

You would then get the faulty double indebtedness message I have gotten, and refuse for any further approval. It was a shock to hear how easy it is to misrepresent one's creditworthiness and how this can go undiscovered for so long. It should be the task of the credit assessment institution as originator of the credit assessment to provide information to the interested parties before any material credit assessment changes are made.

They did, however, manage to put a mistake on my credit standing with Equifax and refuse to eliminate it, although a mistake on their part was proven. The credit bureaus should provide information to individuals when applying for credit, as this warns individuals of cheating on their behalf and makes it possible to detect cheating activities sooner.

There was a time when a cell operator was trying to direct me to a credit bureau for an outstanding $0 bill. By the time a rigorous legislative environment is in place, human beings will only be able to carry out controls on themselves.

Therefore, when I said that I had been living at the same adress for 10 years (which I had), I had no recent credit record. A credit was refused to my spouse and me because an Experian account was in our name with an account where we had never been. As we reapplied for the credit cards, we were again declined even though the offensive email addresses had been deleted.

Many years later I requested a credit and was rejected. But it is disturbing to see how big the differences are between the credit records of different credit bureaus. Those private credit bureaus like Experian and Equifax have far too much influence over our life. These authorities may take at least a few month to delete the relevant information.

Just out of interest, I chose to check my credit record a few years ago. Several of my wealthy friend have no credit or debit card and found it hard to get the best mortgage offers. Recently I requested a credit line and was declined because of a bad credit exposure.

and we' ve been living in the same house for 27 years. To be so named, a bad credit exposure came as quite a surprise! First, companies should be required by law to notify their clients of their intent to include unfavourable information in a credit file.

In 2002, I made a first installment for a new loan, which was laid by the creditor, who immediately put a marker on my credit record. That'?s what I found out when I asked for a credit-card. Rather than being a mistake, my issue is that I don't seem to have a credit record, even though I have held a number of credit cards for several years.

I have always paid on schedule, but none of this is reflected in my credit record, and I always have issues when credit reviews are required. Some creditors do not seem to provide credit bureaus with reliable information, but only with information on defaults.

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