How to Check your Credit Record

To check your borrowing

When you apply for a lease, a landlord can check your credit report. Now check it for errors! Could affect your ability to borrow money.

Enhance your creditworthiness

Over a third of us admitted that we did not check our creditworthiness according to the MAP. However, if you knew that more than 20% of those who reviewed theirs found mistakes, you might want to try changing your opinion. It' s important because choices from finance companies, mortgages companies, credit cards, banking.... this interest-free business you want to make on a new couch and telephone deals... all use your credit information to find out if you should borrow from them.

Here you can find out how to get your credit under control: Prior to making any large requests, for example for a home loan or a credit, check your credit reports to minimize the likelihood of refusal and put yourself in the best possible place to enhance your evaluation. Obtain a copy of one of the most important credit bureaus.

A £2 legal credit review can be ordered from either Expert, Equityfax or Callcredit. Call Credit also has a free member account known as Noddle, but it's the smallest of the three, so you still need to check your Expert and Eqifax databases. It is also possible to sign up for the credit bureaus' fee-based information system - there is usually a 30-day free test version that will charge you about 15 a pound a monthly.

A good story of timely payment of your invoices is one of the best ways to enhance your valuation. Administer your invoices effectively by direct debit and talk to your lenders about other features they can provide, such as SMS notices.

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