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For consumers who wish to view their own credit reports online, click here for more information: See your own credit file. Solvency check, client screening & employee reviews What is the source of the information in a credit assessment reporting? Mortgage Lenders Council keeps a record of reoccupations. If you are a user and would like to view your own credit reports online, click here for more information: See your own credit record. Because we do not store or check the information or credit scores in your credit files, we cannot change, annotate or provide advice on the information displayed in your credit reports.

Private life and information security laws are now expanded to make sure that credit agencies' information is not used to find individuals by means of spectacular or general searches for contact details. Law means that, for each name and every street addressed for which a request is made, the Agent must collect the request and returns information exclusively on the basis of the request.

Searchers must inform themselves of the reference, their full, accurate and up-to-date name, their full, accurate and up-to-date postal code and any earlier postal code. When this information is not provided or is misrepresented and you are searching on the basis of this information, the Agent may never give back the results of the searching on the basis of the input searching detail only.

These laws require that we record each research as a distinct business and therefore we are required to calculate and record each research as a distinct business. This means in practical terms that you will be billed a credit even if the data you are looking for does not fully acknowledge or track the purpose of your request.

Any credit bureau that provides information about UK private persons is now obliged to abide by these new rules. Europe's most important piece of personal information protection regulation now supersedes the 1995 EU Directive on Personal Information Protection. Further information on the EU General Regulation on the Protection of Personal Information can be found here (downloads Word documents file). When your organization needs expert guidance, London-based Laytons offers a GDPR transitional services.

In order to apply for permission to view the affected information in accordance with the EU GDPR Directives, please do so here. Do you have a login and wish to retrieve the information in a user review received from us? Please click here to get in touch with us and fill in the provided application forms.

Please click here to view the First Report credit check. Provides information and link to the tenants' and employees' exams and screening. Please click here to view our information on data protection and personal data.

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