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More than half a million individuals participate in the biggest survey of gender psychology and autism.

In collaboration with the TV producer Channel 4, they screened over half a million individuals, among them over 36,000 Autists. Empathising systemization theories predict that, on balance, empathic testing will give better results to a woman than to a man, the capacity to recognise what another individual is thinking and/or sensing, and the capacity to react to their state of mind as such.

Likewise, she forecasts that men will perform better on avarage in testing systematization, the impetus to analyze or construct rule-based schemes. Extreme Male Brain Theorie forecasts that an average male displacement in these two scales will be seen in a person with autism: in empirical testing they will do less than the normal size of the populace and in systemization testing they will do as well as the normal size of the populace.

Whilst both hypotheses were corroborated in earlier trials with relatively small random sampling, the new results come from a large random sampling of 671,606 individuals, including 36,648 persons with autism. In a second random sampling of 14,354 persons they were duplicated. Throughout this new trial, researchers used very short 10-point measurements of empiricism, systematizing and autoimmune properties.

With these brief measurements, the researchers found that in the representative sample, females on an empathic level perform better than males on an empathic level and males on an empathic and hypersensitic level. This gender difference has been narrowed in individuals with autism. In all these measurements, the values of authentic persons were on aggregate "masculinized", i.e. they had higher values for systematizing and authentic characteristics and lower values for empiricism in comparison to the normal populations.

Higher scores mean that a person's systematization is higher than their compassion, and lower scores mean that their compassion is higher than their systematization. You found out that in the normal populace men on averages had a move towards a high d-score, while females on averages had a move towards a low d-score.

Normally self-acting persons had a higher d-score than men. After all, men on averages had higher values for autoimmune characteristics than females. Students working in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) had on aggregate higher systematizing and higher characteristic values than those in non-STEM professions. On the other hand, employees in non-STEM professions had on avarage higher levels of empiricism than those in SSTEM.

In addition, the author confirms that the two theses can only be applied to two aspects of gender differences: empiricism and systematization.

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