How to fix my own Credit

What do I do to set my own credit?

It'?s timeto solve the problems with Universal Credit Mind, the psychiatric healthcare fund. With the broader introduction of Universal Credit approaching, it is already clear that the new benefits system will not work for too many individuals with psychological difficulties. That is why we urge the authorities to tackle important topics before adding tens of thousands more to the new system. Tony tells her tale of how the Universal Credit application influenced her and why she is committed to making changes.

By the end of last year, I had no clue what Universal Credit would mean to me. Only after my step son had gone home were I and my spouse informed that we had to demand it. Our troubles began even before our first meeting at the Job Center. I have been struggling with my psychological state for many years, to the point where I can no longer see a stranger alone without someone I trusted to help me.

However, it took a bitter quarrel with the Job Center employees just to let my man be with me for the time. However, it took a bitter quarrel with the Job Center employees just to let my man be with me for the time. As soon as they said that we were suitable for Universal Credit, we were informed that there would be a five-week waiting period until the first one.

I have been without work for a long while because of my psychological state and we simply had no budget cuts that would help us make ends meet. What I have to say is that I have been without work for a long while. At the end we got a credit, but the Job Center employees were really resilient to the idea that we needed cash to keep us afloat.

It made it even more difficult when the first instalment eventually came, it was more than £300 less than it should have been. When you are unemployed for a long period due to a handicap, you must take a workable test. Had already been through one of these last year and found it so disturbing that I had to discuss at length how my psychological state affects me with a total alien.

At the end I was able to get through with the help of my man and I was said that I would not need another for three years. However, when this first Universal Credit settlement came, they had ignored it all. I was even asked at one point to do a whole new Fit-for-Work test.

I was even asked at one point to do a whole new Fit-for-Work test. After another argument with the Jobcenter, they said to my man that they made a mistake and I didn't have to go to another test - although that still wouldn't have solved the underpayment issue.

Whenever a new money transfer occurred, we left a message in the on-line system, but it never responded to the same individual and after more than eleven tries everything went round in a circle. Finally, I asked for help in a Facebook group run by Universal Credits runners.

The government says next year that it will begin to convert to Universal Credit those who receive services. However, it will not be an automated procedure, it will force human beings to submit a new job offer. If they do not make it on schedule, they run the risk of having their services completely discontinued. Well, I was fortunate because I had my man behind me the whole way.

I' m so concerned about guys who don't have anyone to battle their case. Without my man, I couldn't have done it. It is so important that those who are not well are not less well off as a result of these changes. Hopefully by sharing my history I can help persuade the government to alter course while there is still enough free will.

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