How to get a Credit Card with no Credit History

Getting a credit card without a credit card history

Don't worry - there is a powerful tool to improve your credit without a credit card. The most successful applicants will receive: You can start borrowing if you do not have a credit history: What credit card for an 18-year-old with no history? รข If she is a college girl - does she have a students' checking account? 4. Often, students' credit card companies also provide credit card services for students who have their own giro checking deposit system.

She' s not going to university until September and doesn't have a students' balance yet. Tell her to use her credit card instead of on-line. Because she was not secure, the teller said she should not use her credit card on-line.

If she tends to make obsessive shopping or has a reference to an abusive person (superfluous use of the web, 1000+ text messaging per months, over-eating, over-drinking, etc.), I suggest that she avoid a credit card. But it' s better to find out now while she is staying with me and share her financial information with me than when she is leaving home.

She' s had a contracted telephone since the early 12 s and never misused it, obviously she loves to spend on clothing as a Teenage Maid, but as I said, she still saves on college, so it doesn't go ashore. I told her I would loan her the cash, but she had to repay it in the next 2 month, with interest at a rate of $50 per month.

Her interest in the toys was gone after 3 week, but she had to pay the cash plus interest for another 5 week. This is a class she has never forgot, and she always tells her boyfriends that it's better to be saving for what they want than to borrow.


"However, I have no credit history in the UK, so it was hard to think of long-term fiscal objectives. I' ve got about $50,000 in savings, but it deserves just 0. 02 percent, so I'm hopeless to at least put some of these savings to work. "Aj Somal, von Uniec and Christopher Wicks, von Bridgewater and Darius McDermott, von Chelsea are advising us, Diese Woche beraten Aj Somal.......

"Alexandra's most important thing is to get her into a situation where she can get credit," says Wicks. "Alexandra is hoping to get bail on the purchase of a house. "It should think about the conservation of its life insurance and not about accumulation," says McDermott. "It should look for the best immediate money in which Isa parks part of her life saving to help with a project like purchasing a motorbike.

"Alexandra should review the rates she earns and move the cash when it's low. Alexandra says, "But I'm tired of the state of the art at the present time and I'm afraid of committing myself for 25 years. "The only other question is how Alexandra would look after herself if she couldn't work due to illness or injury," says Wicks.

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