How to get a first Time Mortgage

Getting a First Time Mortgage

Which are the upfront costs? Buying your first mortgage in the UK Tipps... everything you need to know about how to finance your first mortgage.


Realty brokers need proof that you have a security bond and can buy with money in the house or with a mortgage. If you are a purchasers of payment in kind, make account statement available. When you need a mortgage, get a memorandum of understanding from your creditor. State-supported systems also exist to support first-time purchasers.

If you have a parents or near relatives who will be guarantors, a guarantee mortgage may be possible, which means that they will be obliged to repay the mortgage if you are not able to do so. Talk to your local mortgage broker to see what they can provide, and also talk to some mortgage consultants.

Credit-to-value, or LTV, is the amount of your credit in proportion to the value of your real estate. So, if you have a down payment of 10 percent of the prize, the LTV would be 90 percent. The interest rates on a fixed-rate mortgage remain the same for a certain amount of time, usually two, three, five or ten years.

The majority of mortgage loans are secured by prepayment penalties if you repay your mortgage during the period of the mortgage, and these can be high. Compute how long you want to be included in the mortgage. If you are the first purchaser to buy your house for 300,000 or less, you will not be liable to stamping tax.

Between £300,000 and 500,000, you must owe the customs fee five percent of the amount of the prize that exceeds £300,000. Over £500,000 you are liable for postage at standard postage rate. A mortgage credit is guaranteed on your land as a court fee.

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