How to get Credit Card from Bank

Getting a credit card from the bank

attributes In order to obtain the card, you must be 18 years of age or older and be able to demonstrate that you are a full-time student. Please note that you can only obtain the card if you are 18 years of age or older. This can be done by showing us your students card. Must have an avarage £100 per month in your bankroll without students' loans or grants.

The general business regulations are valid.

Set up a credit card balance

When the credit card is part of your company and not yours in person, you can open it as a bankroll. Choose "Add New" in the bank area and choose "Credit Card Account" from the drop-down list. If you activate a credit card bank feed, you will find that some credit card companies have more than one type of card.

In case you do not see your credit card in the usual settings, you can use the searching feature or see all bank services. If you withdraw the credit card from another bank using a bank wire, you declare this as a bank wire.

Yearly bank and credit card survey

For over 11 years, First Direct has been at the forefront of client experience, which is a notable accomplishment. Since the beginning of our polls, American Express has always been at the top of the list of satisfied customers. Eighty-six per cent of credit claimants are now eligible, a percentage that is constantly increasing, partly due to the match engines now available to consumer first introduced on and partly because consumer are better aware of the decisions they make.


The credit is dependent on the state. When you make a deposit (except for a gaming transaction), we apply a 2.99% deposit penalty of the deposit amount (£3.00). When you make a nonsterling exchange (foreign currency) payment, we additionally levy a nonsterling exchange commission of 2.99% of the amount of the exchange.

Inquiries for a transfer of balances after 15.30 or on a non-working working date will be handled as if they were made on the next working week. Following the implementation period, your remittances and redemptions may be calculated at the default floating interest rates that are currently representive of the 18.9% APR float.

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