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You don't ask, you don't understand. Manchester City's valuable Manchester City win over United football sparked by David Silva Manchester City certainly sacrificed all hope Manchester United had of winning the game. Mourinho' s team fought a battle, but City always seemed to be in a top grade position - at least - and let United stare in a 12-point gap to the top seven and seven from a place in the Champions' league.

The town soon began to enjoy the kind of room that makes it deadly. First, a calculating Fernandinho passport was gathered by Bernardo Silva and he let go with a 30-yard-shoot, which just fell short of David de Gea's Linken. David Silva came into the game a few seconds later behind United, but no man from downtown could make it.

David Silva, who took the round the edge to Raheem in the first round of the game, was Ashley Young's failure. Bernardo Silva's sweeping flank in front of De Gea and Luke Shaw enabled him to hit the back over the net, where David Silva was awaiting his return for the 7th consecutive year.

At halftime, United had finally done something to reassure his rivals and the multitude. Fellaini, Rashford, Herrera, Shaw, Lingard, and Anthony Martial began to join, and an attempt by the latter fell from John Stones to keep him temporarily on the ground. Fellaini's newly found serenity was exemplified by a bent left-foot passport from Fellaini to Young on the right, while the city was held back: hardly a steady event for her at this location.

It was United who had succeeded in pushing the match into the centre period - a much more secure area than the one near the net. As a result, Guardiola shook his mind and the spectators were able to start the strange assault when Shaw Martial found himself near the city, even though number 11 could not check the shot.

Guardiola's men finished half as they had begun and bombed United's gate when the two Silvas terrorized again, and Sergio Agüero could have redoubled the advantage when the Portugese player was playing against him: he could only find the side net. In view of the points deficit, victory was urgently needed if United were to keep their claims to the championship going.

The city gave them a good thrashing instead. With Lingard fiddling with a regulatory check almost half way, Bernardo Silva pushed the shot to Agüero, and when he switched passports with Mahrez, the Argentinian scored a 9th-point derby to equal Sir Bobby Charlton. That put the volumetric standard through the rooftop and, when Fernandinho Sterling put in, the striker might have made it play over if he hadn't wasted time.

Just as with the launch of Mata against Juventus last Wednesday, Lukaku's entry resulted in a gate. Ederson unexplainably defied the challenge and dragged the center forward down. Taylor missed the kick and Martial shot the shot to Ederson's Linken, the Frenchman's 7th gate in the season, who arrived just before the lesson to create a captivating last third of the match.

Nemanja Matic's move was excellent, as the German player proved the victory with a belated stroke when Nemanja Matic was in the view of the goal on the right. Gündogan's finishing was as successful as the train that made it: a sweet rhythmic 44-pass sequencer that provides a microscopic cosmos of differences between the Manchester blues and reds.

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