How to get Fico Score

Getting Fico Score

865 credit score - how poor is that? Sad about that.) Well, I used to work for NatWest Kreditkarten, and (although we were told not to tell buyers this EVERYONE, under grief of serious misbehavior charges and very likely dismissal) the crude leader they worked by was that a score of about 750 was good. So, a score of 865 back in the early 2000s (when I worked there) would procure you a definitive loan raise (and a considerable one) - get this - BUT IF YOU DIDN'T ASK FOR IT!

That is particularly noteworthy because they were particularly miserly due to the fact that NatWest had been stabbed really hard by CC scams some years earlier. Every one of our clients said that, and that was easy the thing that offended the clients the most. What really got us going was that the raise limit section only had 2 persons working on it at a given moment, and we were very clearly told not to forward phone conversations to those particulars.

However, we had to recall increased limits and go over all the detail again. When a client (not surprisingly) asked to talk to a management about the circumstance, the management refused to take the call and said that because they were not working at elevated limits, they could not tell the client more than we could.

Oh, you want to know what your actual solvency is? After the buyout of R.B.S. I got in touch with B.B.C. Watchdog shortly after the buyout, and when I went, I sent him an email to tell him about this and all the other horrible things that were going on there, but they weren't interested because they weren't currently researching a history about R.B.S. or NatWest.

And do we really need another institution at this point in the current financial turmoil that may be depreciating a large part of its value right now? All I had in my head was the way I treated my clients when I wanted to reveal this, and I think that the same mood will keep me calm until this whole mess is finally over.

Briefly, the response is that 6 or 7 years ago, a miserly house ( their current account credits, borrowings, etc. were also criticized back then) poor house could have bit off your hands to give you more credit with a score as good as 865. However, I think other billboards in this thread are right; even with the very best credits score, folks are struggling to get credits they should be able to afford, whether with NatWest or somewhere else.NatWest.

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