How to get first Credit Card with no Credit

Getting your first credit card without a credit card

Bad credit and no creditworthiness are two very different things. Encourage your teens to use credit cards. When your kids reach adult age, you will want them to be as well informed as possible so that they can manage their financials in a responsible way. That includes learning them all about how to use credit card properly. While credit card can be an unbelievably useful instrument to have in your pecuniary armoury, it can also be potentially hazardous, resulting in potentially large, spiral debts.

Unfortunately, there is little chance that your kids will be educated on how to use credit card while they are at college, so it is up to you to show them what to do. One good starting point is to show them one of your current credit card extracts and explain everything that pops up.

One good way to get your teen to begin to spend on plastics without risking is to get them a prepaid card. They work in a fairly simple way - they charge your cash and when everything is dealt it can be recharged. No credit is involved, so there is no chance of getting into debts or paying interest.

One good choice for teens or indeed anyone who wants to take out their first credit card is to opt for a special credit card. This card is intended for those with a bad or restricted credit record so that they can prove that they have a good credit record. The credit card has relatively low expenditure ceilings and thus prevents the cardholder from incurring too much credit.

When your teen is making a little extra bucks, then it might be a good idea for them to take out a credit card while they have cash. You can then use the card to issue what you would normally issue, while at the same time being more than able to pay out the credit so that you can both practice lending and work on your creditworthiness.

For the best credit card offers, visit our credit card matching page. Comparing card brands from market-leading card companies so you can choose the card that's right for you and get started right away. One more way to get your kids to get started in a responsible way is to make them an authorized credit card holder on your current credit card.

When you do this, then while they will be able to dispense free on your card, you will be able to completely supervise their customs and conduct them accordingly.

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