How to get Instant Credit

To get instant credit

Would you like us to contact you? Keeping you informed about products and offers that may be of interest to you. Receive credit Just enter new credit in the "Credits" section and tell us how much you need, your month's earnings, your housing and that' s it - we'll make you an individual offer in seconds. They will also be able to see the overall costs of your mortgage and how much you will need to repay each month.

Every month your refunds are handled by your local merchant as a automatic payment from your current banking address and there are no early repayment charges.

Bank Sabadell's Innovation Centre InnoCells secures Instant Credit - FinTech Fonts

InnoCells, Banco Sabadell's centre for online businesses, has purchased Instant Credit, a small business start-up offering credit to consumers in both retail and online outlets (e-commerce). Instant Credit, located in Barcelona, allows credit applications to be submitted and received immediately in electronic form, with corresponding payment deductions from their accounts. Credit Suisse provides finance through banking institutions in Spain and other jurisdictions.

The aim is to provide a broad geographic spread to merchants operating in more than one market and also to increase the proportion of credit approval for retail clients. "We will add all of the Banco Sabadell Group's capabilities to our business in order to expand our multi-finance solutions for merchants and consumer across Europe," added Octavio Soler Bach, Instant Credit's founding partner and CTO.

InnoCells Managing Partner Julio Martínez said that "the takeover of the business is Banco Sabadell's strategy engagement in the areas of payments and retail financing". Consumers' finance in Spain in 2017 totalled almost ? 31 billion, 15% more than in the previous year. The Bank of Spain says Spain has led the eurozone since mid-2016 with over 10% GDP gains, while other markets have ranged between 5% and 10%.

At InnoCells, we focus on corporate value creation activities to help the mother company, in particular private equity and acquisition activities, to accelerate launch. The InnoCells teams participated in the first ?1.6 million initial equity project in 2017 at Bud, the UK's largest integrated finance product development group.

InnoCells completed a 1 million Euro round of investments in February for Biometric Vox, a venture company offering authentification and digital signing via speech and language technologies.

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