How to get your Credit Report

This is how you get your credit information

Checking your creditworthiness Good creditworthiness is the enabler to increase your chance of being acceptable, since the higher your credit score, the lower the creditor' s exposure. When you plan to take out a loan now or in the near term, it is important to keep a watchful eye on your creditworthiness. There is no credit score carved in rock, but if you have a low credit score, it cannot be altered over night. Therefore, it is best to review it periodically so that any improvement can be made before you make a loan application. Your credit report is the easiest way to get credit information.

This can be done via a credit bureau such as TransUnion (formerly Callcredit). Lending bureaus keep the information, both publicly and financially, that creditors use to make their decisions, such as your creditworthiness. There is much more about what credit bureaus do on our website. They have the right of accessing the information that the credit bureaus have stored about them.

TransUnion (formerly Callcredit) stores information about you in a number of ways: They are legally authorized to consult this immediate credit information. It is however still a great way to review your credit histories and the information about your credit files.

Get your legal credit report on line to see all the essential facts in writing. Should you wish to send your job offer by mail, please fill out the job offer below and send it to us. Free of charge credit checks are one of the simplest ways to get credit information. Your credit standing is higher, your chance of getting credit is better.

To show you the key credit quality drivers, Noddle's free credit report provides a summary of your credit history and whether your payment is up to date or not. Nooddle may even suggest credit card and loan options for which you are likely to be acceptable depending on your creditworthiness.

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