How to get your free Annual Credit Report

This is how you receive your free annual credit report

In the following table you will find a comparison of the credit information. Complimentary credit reporting for British nationals Starting in the South of England starting in the morning, citizens will be able to review their annual credit reports free of charge on-line., a company introduced throughout the United Kingdom, allows citizens to consult the information stored on them by credit bureaus.

The aim is to help individuals review their credit records for mistakes - which can prevent them from obtaining credit - to grasp prospective information fraud and the credit reports kept about them and used by creditors, employees and other businesses.

In order to be able to access the report, there is no need for credit or debit cardholders to type in their credit or debit numbers - making it simpler for those who are cautious about using their credit cardholders on the Internet. Once its data have been entered, the annual credit report sends a specific identifier to the user's home location - verified by the voter register - enabling the credit database generated by a credit bureau to be accessed.

The Credit Reporting Agency's Joint Managing Director, Barry Stamp, behind the action, said the brainchild that led the Federal Trade Commission in the US to allow individuals to obtain a free credit report was the same. "Ever since 1974, everyone has a legal right to see what information others have about them, but to get a credit report by mailing cash to a credit bureau, and if they are happy with the application to send a hard copy in exchange within seven business working days. Otherwise, the credit report will be sent to the credit bureau.

"It is important that everyone has regularly and easily acces to credit report information. The consumer can be protected from the effects of error or from the growing threats of ID theft." We' re using safe rooms and a firewall and other forms of protection to keep this system as free from misuse as possible and to keep fighting ID thieves," he said.

Stamp says that if a consumer suspects he or she has been a victim of ID fraud, the annual credit report can tell the user what to do and provide them with a support set with more information on what to do. Admittedly, "Identity stealing is not as big a concern as the federal administration would have you believe.

1.7 billion pounds are wasted each year through ID fraud, but we believe it is more like 200 million pounds. This number is greatly overdone by the administration, and the most likely cause is to warrant the imposition of ID cards."

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