How to have a Credit Card

To have a credit card

During your application for a new credit card, you can request a balance transfer. Obtain help and troubleshooting tips for incorrect, blocked, or rejected credit cards. Choice of credit card - Credit card types Each Post Money credit card is an unicum. We' ve developed our three credit card types with care to offer you a uniquely wide range of advantages. Whether you want a long, interest-free credit remittance cycle or make interest-free transactions, our calling plans have the versatility you need.

Postcards are provided by the Bank of Ireland UK.

The Post Office Limited is a credit intermediary and not a creditor. How would you use your credit card? First, consider how you could use your card - not only today, but also in the near term. You can, for example, carry over an outstanding account balances, make a payment for goods on-line or in a shop, or use it for a one-time large shopping spree.

Always think about how to fully withdraw all your credit card funds before getting into trouble. A number of card offers you the possibility of transferring an interest-free credit to your new card. When you care about money orders, make sure you have a long interest-free window and see if any charges apply.

These are our most appropriate credit transfer cards: It' s important to make your shoppings as safe as possible, and all of our credit card products provide additional safety when you shop now. The best card for your purchase: This also applies if you buy on-line in a different language.

The best card for purchasing in a different country is our card: Every one of our maps is one of a kind - but they do have some important advantages: Travelling expenses - Regardless of which Post-Credit Card you decide to use, you will not receive a barge charge for receiving your travelling expenses at the post office, neither on-line nor at a post office itinerary.

When you need to tell us that your card has been confiscated, misappropriated or even misappropriated, you should call us at 0800 169 2646 or +44 800 169 2646 abroad. The balance is held by UK resident persons of 18 years of age or over. Bank of Ireland (UK) plc is the sole provider of Post Office Money credit card, consumer credit and overdraft facilities.

The Post Office Limited is a credit intermediary and not a creditor. The Post Office Limited est enregistré en Angleterre et au Pays de Galles. Company headquarters: The Post Office Money and the Post Office Money logos are incorporated trade marks of Post Office Limited.

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