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Payment by credit card

Refund options for credit cards | Help & Support If I have created a credit card for my HSBC credit card, can I make extra one-time charges? Depending on what kind of acceptance giro you have configured and when you want to make the extra charge. Remember that an extra deposit within 3 business Days of your acceptance giro does not influence your acceptance giro, as the enquiry has already been sent to your account.

Frequently Asked Questions about Credit Cards

It will depend on what credit card you have with us and what kind of transactions you are making. Make a foreign or on-line sale in a different denomination than the pound to buy goods or provide a service. Please see the following chart for the credit card charge when used abroad. Foreign exchanges represent the foreign currency conversion price at which the respective Mastercard or Visa system processes the transactions and not the date on which the transactions took place.

When you have the choice to pay either in your own country's foreign currency or in pounds Sterling, please make sure that you select the country's foreign language unless you are sure that the foreign currency conversion is more convenient. Foreign currencies used may differ from the current foreign currencies on the date of the transactions as the foreign currencies change every day.

Your settlement will include the conversion rates used to process the transactions and the amount of the transactions in pounds Sterling after the conversion rates have been applied.

Payment of your credit card - Credit cards

Find out about the different ways to pay your credit card bill and the amount of elapsed amount of your credit card bill. Working weekdays are Monday to Friday, except weekend and public holiday. It is possible to create a direct debit every month for the minimal amount needed, a full or a definite amount on the telephone or as part of Anytime Internet Banking.

Payments will be made 25 calendars after your invoice date or soon thereafter. Once you have enrolled for on-line billing, go to the Payments page and obey the directions on the onscreen. Paying you takes two and a half hour through quicker payments. When you are enrolled for phone bankings, just call 0345 742 4365 to make a deposit.

Paying you will take two and a half hour through quicker delivery. They can announce themselves for the Telefonbanking under the phone number 0345 900 3200. Cables are open 24-7. The amount of money must be balanced before the disbursement is made. It will take two working hour for quicker and three working weekdays for other transactions. You can expect a seven working week period for your order.

The amount of money must be balanced before the disbursement is made. 0345 742 4365. In order to sign up for a phone bank ringing call: Cables are open 24-7.

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