How to Repair Bad Credit

Repairing bad loans

What time does it take to fix bad loans? Credit was through my account at the moment, RBS. Actually I wasn't managing my financials well at the start, I was totally broke and first maximized my credit cards and then went over my credit limit by using a check to pay for meals.

Stupidly, I ignored the charge and credit for a few years and then, when I was able to settle my charge (with funds I had to make a living from to think innocently that I could issue my charge again) at a RBS store, they took my check for 1,200 or whatever it was and vanished for a while and came back with about 100 pounds worth of money, telling me it was the bankroll and that my bank statement had been shut down.

Completely burned out because I was a college kid and that was the cash I had to make a living on for the next year. So, I estimate that the initial overdraft and the credit I have issued was about 2001 / 2002, I have had no characters regarding the credit cards since that time even though I have been moving several times. Although I have been in the middle of a new credit crunch, I have not been able to get a credit certificate.

Last I actually issued or used this was about 2002. And then the other event, when they accepted my check, gave me the final payment and shut down my bank was 2004//2005. I haven't had a word with them or the creditors since.

About 2006 I succeeded in opening the most fundamental bank balances with Nationalwide that I still use today, it is my only working bank balance to which I am deposited by my employer on a daily basis. Tried to get a credit cards from Nationalwide a few years ago, but was declined.

I have my £300 Limited Capital One ticket for about 4 month.

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