I have no Credit but I want a Credit Card

but I want a credit card.

The majority of them require a credit card in the name of the main driver for this deposit. When you don't have a credit card, there may be other options. Rent a car without credit card - Orlando Message Board

Always use Thrifty/Dollar and just don't give a credit card. We' re in their system now and say no credit card, and we' re not asked at any airports now. I once received an e-mail from Dollar saying that a $300 liquid money withdrawal may be necessary but was never solicited.

There is no credit card and neither I nor my affiliate are able to get one due to past financial difficulties. I was really stressed because I called Alamo and Dollar and they're both empty and said "NO", you can't buy 1 of our vehicles without a credit card.

A Halifax Visa debit card I have, but they said that this would not be acceptable on their website or at their desks. Really, really we want a real automobile, but we got to the point of just believing that we would have to take the coach everywhere. Last year we had exactly the same experiences as Spainfinder with Alamo in Sanford.

There are no issues with a Visa debit card that has never put an amount on ice or even taken it. However, we had pre-booked our vehicle via Thomson and never directly reserved it with Alamo, that may have been a fact. You' ll also have to go back to the airfield to get home.

Payment is made at the time of booking and can be made on-line by direct debit card. A number of individuals do not have credit card for one or another of these reasons. Admittedly, I always stay with either Dollar / Thrifty. You will be asked for a credit card that is only used to keep the card in case of a problem.

Say you don't have a credit card. I haven't given a card in four years, and we go twice a year. Like already mentioned on the last posters, we also make our bookings via Netflights. He prepaid in full with his HSBC Visa debit card, and when we collected the vehicle, they withdrew his Visa debit card even though nothing was canceled.

Well, I should say that our vehicle also drove through the buck. Also this year we will use the US Dollars via Netflights. tinker_bell245 - just about to book cars with Netflights for US Dollars. I have never been asked for a deposit, as I said before, but it is good to know that they are accepting the workload.

Just hang around and fix your credit, then go.

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