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Japanese and Senegalese supporters clean up the World Cup | Football

Japan's football fan base consolidated its image as one of the most political World Cup footballers when they were photographed and cleaned up the Mordovia Arena in Saransk after their team beat Colombia 2-1. Win, loose or pull, Samurai Blue Samurai enthusiasts are cleaning themselves with garbage sacks that they have put in the floor especially for this use.

You made the global news with a similar clean-up effort during the 2014 Brazilian championship. Besides their cleanness, the Jap fan also illuminated the match against Colombia with a variety of different suits. Triumph raised the mood at home after a tough weekend for the country that began on Monday with a 6.1 gauge quake that shook Osaka, killed five and injured many more.

Supporters of the game in Tokyo's inner -city public houses and open-air clubs on Tuesday were celebrating their triumph as Japan won and invaded Shibuya's famed "Scramble Crossing", causing many policemen to come out to keep order. Meanwhile at the World Cup in Russia, the Japan train seems to have set off a momentum this year, as Senegal' s supporters were later cleaned up after defeating Poland.

This means that the 15,000 voluntary workers working on the 2018 World Cup will have slightly less work. Not only Senegalese supporters have considered using online advertising. When veterans of the squad that shook France in the opening match of the 2002 World Cup, France's players were thrilled by his drama of the tactics of the side line of the match.

Even at the end of the match, Cissé' s quick and obvious changes of sentiment were a real hit with people from the field of soccer. Yekaterinburg on 24 June will be the meeting place for the world's best fans as Japan and Senegal face each other, each side recognising that a victory would almost certainly take them to the next round.

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