I need to Consolidate my Debt with Bad Credit

I' m gonna have to consolidate my debt with bad credit.

If you have a bad credit history or CCJs, you are self-employed or even retired. Would you like to pay off some old debts and reduce your monthly expenses? Must I really consolidate all my debts with a secured loan?

Please help... debt!!!

So...my month's earnings quite literally just cover the bills, but I had unanticipated expenses before Christmas, which meant me having maxed out credit card and overdrawn accounts. £10k debt in the shape of CC, Next & Oversdrafts and a credit for about £14500 auto. Don't know if I should try to get a consolidating credit for everything, a new interest-free CC or just knock it all off?!

Thank you. Hello Sarah, how are the alimony arrangements for your kids made? I would work out your income/expenses and see if there is somewhere where you could shorten and if it would be in your best interest to make a consolidating credit so that you would have a settlement that goes towards touring debt and not into multiple settlements. are you working?

Please help... blame!!! if he can't stay sticky with your formation then I'd at least take it up with something you get for your babies. He deserves a good salary, but he has made debts and sees that as the top priorities and the students as the second!!!????

The only thing in my favor is that since I have come into my home, there is no tenant/mortgage to safely repay so if that could help get a secured credit (not ideally at all though). The problem is that I really have to get bits done around the home too... for example my two youngsters need a new bed, but I can't spare for that if I really should be having to pay off the debt... just have to restart from the ground up if that makes any sense...!!! he can't not back his kids who aren't reasonable on them or you as far as I know rental, c. tax and kids keep priorities debt everything else is drop down in importance.

Surely I don't want to do a secure credit card loans but I will look around at the 0% tickets def. Like others have said, I would go through the CASA for servicing as it is a matter of urgency over its debt, I would definitely not save a mortgage against your belongings. I noticed one thing that was your auto financing was £14500, how long do you have to wait to get it and what are your money backs? could you exchange it for a less expensive one?

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