I want to Check my Credit Record

I' d like to check my credit.

Must I obtain my credit report from all three rating agencies? Why have I failed my credit check? You can get your credit history from Experian. You also have a lot of other useful information about what a credit check is and how your credit history affects your score. Verify your own borrowing through Experian, Equifax or Call Credit.


These are three groups of persons who, through no fault of their own, have a tendency not to have a good rating: young persons, those over 65 and those who have migrated to the UK. "We call these guys no-filers. Would you like to know more? Sign up now and get unrestricted Internet connectivity and our smart phone and tab applications, free for the first months.

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Solvency check | Customer help and FAQ

Is OVO carrying out a credit check for each client? We' re now reviewing every new client that signs up for a PayMonthly plan. If you request to join OVO, we will check: a) our own record for information about: i) your personally identifiable account; ii) the personally identifiable account of your finance partners (if you have one); iii) if you are an owners, directors, or partners of a small company², we may also check your corporate account; b) if you are a credit bureaus, look for information about: i) your personally identifiable account; and ii) if you make a common request or have done the following, we will also check the personally identifiable account of your finance partners:

Prior to this, common requests have been made. iii ) Very rarely, if we do not have enough information about you, we may also use information about other members of your extended household. iv) If you are a manager or affiliate in a small company, we may also review your corporate account. c) Look for anti-fraud agents for information about you and any address where you live or run your company (if any).

If you ask to join OVO, we will do so with the information you give us: a) We will mail it to the credit bureaus. b) If you plan to have two or more persons on your bank or if you tell us that you have a husband or partner, we may: i) search, store and/or provide information about both of you from credit bureaus.

ii ) Include in our own record any person who has been designated as your primary partner. iii) Consider your and their information in one or both of your prospective uses. iv) Prolong this linkage until the accounts close or are converted into a single bank statement and one of you notifies us that you are no longer connected.

You must therefore ensure that the other individual is pleased that you are providing information about them. c) If you provide us with incorrect or imprecise information and we believe or detect that you are committing Fraud, we will record that information and also share that information with anti-fraud units and other organizations engaged in criminal activity and combating frauds. d) We may also use your information to provide you with other services.

On the basis of your information, we may: a) review your credit application; b) review the particulars of all credit and credit-related or other institution requests; c) review your ID; d) review the ID of your spouse, associate or other directors/partners; e) conduct controls to help us screen for and identify crimes, scams and/or launder funds.

f ) Use evaluation techniques to evaluate this inquiry and validate your identities. g) Maintain your personally and/or commercially identifiable accounts (if any) with us. h) Perform regular statistic analyses or tests to confirm the correctness of current and prospective goods and service. If you have an OVO account: a) If you have an OVO or try to register with us, we will provide information about your personally identifiable and/or commercial accounts (if any), your name, party to the OVO and how you administer them.

b ) If you have an acount with us and do not pay back in full and on a timely basis, we will notify the credit bureaus. c) We may periodically search for our own group record and credit bureaus to administer your acount with us, whether you wish to provide credit or renew or not.

This can be done through the use of an automated rating system that uses any information you have given us, any information we have stored about you, and information from credit bureaus. d ) If you do not make any payment that you have owed to us, we will track your location and collect any claims.

How do credit reporting and anti-fraud agents work? If credit bureaus receive a request from us, they will: a) Place a request Footprint on your credit record, regardless of whether this request is made or not. In the event that a credit request has been searched for, the record of that credit request (but not the name of the organization that did it) may be viewed by other organizations when you request a credit in the Future. b) Connect the record of you and anyone you have notified us of as your monetary partner, include the prior and subsequent party name of the credit request.

The connections between finance partners remain on yours and their data until you or your partners successfully submit a Disassoziation4 to the credit bureaus. You will then provide us with: a) credit information, such as past filings and the manner in which you have held bank balances in your name and about your employees (if there is a connection between you - see 1b above) and/or your corporate bank balances (if you have one); b) information of a general nature, such as County Court judgments (CCJs) and bankruptcy; c) information from the electoral roll; d) information to combat defraud.

If information is disclosed by us to them, on your account(s): a) The credit reporting bureaus will store the data provided on your personally and/or commercial account(s) (if you have one), inclusive of prior and subsequent name( s) used by the accountholders and how they administer it. b) If you lend and do not fully and timely pay back, the credit reporting bureaus will record the debts owed. c) The record (s) held with the credit reporting bureaus will be kept in the files for six years after they were independently shut down, for six years after they were shut down.

The way your information is NOT used by credit bureaus: a) It is not used to draw up a black list. b) It is not used by the credit bureaus for a ruling. a) The information that we and other organizations provide to credit bureaus about you, your financing partners and your company (if you have one) may be disclosed by credit bureaus to and used by other companies to: i) counter criminality, frauds and money lavement by, for example, reviewing information about credit and credit-related or other credit institution requests.

ii ) Check the operations of credit and credit-related bank balances. iii) Check your identification when you or your finance partners apply for other entities. iv) Make credit and credit-related service choices about you, your partners, other members of your home or company. v) Maintain your own, your partner's and/or your company's (if you have one) credit or credit-related bank balances or other entities. vi) Track your location and collect debt you are indebted to. vii)

The information that we make available to anti-fraud units about you, your financing partners, and your company (if you have one) may be shared by anti-fraud units with other organizations and used by them and by us to: i) help us fight criminality, frauds, and money looaking, for example by:

1. Verification of information relating to credit and credit-related or other credit facility requests. 2. Management of credit and credit related bank or institution account. 3. Information on the cross-checking of suggestions and entitlements for all kinds of insurances. 4 ) Verification of information relating to job application or verification as part of a job application. b) Verification of your identification as to whether you or your partner is applying for other services, whether you or your partner is applying for another, inclusive of all kinds of offers of insurance and entitlements. c) Tracking of your location and recovery of receivables owed by you. d) Performance of other controls to avoid or uncover frauds. e) Performance of statistic analyses and system tests.

Us and other organizations from other jurisdictions may gain and use information held by anti-fraud units.

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