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ICS, the largest credit card issuer in the Netherlands, will use Aconite technology to transfer customer cards to NFC phones. ICS is the credit card specialist and market leader for business credit cards in the Netherlands. Peaks Partner ICS Invest application for all-round features ICS, the leading provider of payment services for the Dutch consumer, is a partner of International Card Services (ICS). Peaks clients will soon be able to use the familiar rounding function, not only on the base of their banking payment, but also on the base of their ICS debit transaction.

This function allows a Peaks client to authorise Peaks to fetch its own credential transactions from the ICS to identify the "change" and apply it to its Peaks accounts. Peaks and ICS underline their commitment to innovative and future-oriented solutions. Finance is the first party in the Netherlands to work together to pre-empt the transposition of the Payment Services Directive 2 (PDS2).

Currently, the Netherlands authorities are transposing PSD2 into domestic law, a lawsuit which has experienced significant delay. With the introduction of PSD2, EU banking institutions are required to pass on transactions information to other businesses at the customer's option. It is the objective of the new EU law to promote new innovation in service delivery and to make the finance industry more attractive.

Peaks and ICS are proud of this cooperation. Tieleman Sijbrand, co-founder of Peaks: "We' re very excited to begin now and not waiting for the PSD2 to formally be implemented. Most of our clients like to use our rounding function and don't want to delay the entry into effect of PSD2.

This important move in the run-up to PSD2 makes our clients the first to take advantage of the opportunity this new law can provide them". Our clients are therefore always in the foreground and can use the new options of the new directive." Already, as the first institution to rely on PSD2, Peaks and ICS are leaders.

Previously, the rounding function of Peaks was only available to Rabobank customers. Now, Peaks application with an ICS credential can use this function.

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