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Insight into your credit card costs. Easy and secure online payment. New -The Extra cardholder can now download the ICS App. Please pay my ICS premium. What do I pay for ICS insurance?

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With the ICS App on your mobile phone and your tray you always have an up-to-date overview of your credit cards expenses. Besides the insight the ICS App offers you many other possibilities. - Current insight into your expenses, reservations and your spending limit, also for the holder of the additional ticket. - Special offers and discounts for cardholders.

  • Complete your online transactions easily and securely with a unique e-code. With this version the process to activate the ICS application has been changed. As many as six members of your household can use this application if sharing is activated.

What is the best way to get the bonus from a Netherlands bankaccount?

What is the best way to get the bonus from a Netherlands bankaccount? When submitting your request, you can specify whether you wish to make payment by "bank transfer" or "direct debit". What is the best way to get the bonus from the Netherlands without a Netherlands banking deposit? There are several ways to make a payment on the due bonus.

There are two ways to go to a post office of National Post Office NL or GWK Travelex and ask them to send your funds to the Aon banking account: Importantly, you should tell them to provide our customer number and your billing number or insurance number. There is a charge for the payment.

It is advisable to open a Dutch bankaccount as soon as possible. Please consult your nearest banking institution for information on the documentation required to open a banking area. Once you have a banking relationship and wish to modify your preferred means of purchase, please log in to our website to do so.

Please apply to your local institution if your application has been made by your local institution. Please send me my ICS bonus. What do I do to make a wire payment? Please always state our customer number and billing number or your health insurer number. Can my health insurer cover my expenses once a month / quarter / year?

To calculate the daily bonus amount go to amour. There is no need to take out ICS coverage for whole monthly, quarterly or yearly periods. When you have a Netherlands bankaccount, you can make the payment of the premiums due per monthly, quarterly, yearly or the entire term of your policy at once by (automatic) wire order. Unless you have a Netherlands bankaccount, you must make the payment of the premiums due per year or for the entire duration of your policy at once.

Possible means of paying are either via your local currency using your own cheque or via our online bank transfer system. How should I know about paying the bonus? Paying the bonus on schedule is very important. "Punctual " means within thirty workingdays after you receive an account for the award.

Will I get my premium(s) back if I terminate my policy? Yes, if you terminate your policy, you will receive a refund of the deductible made. 1,31 EUR per person per diem for pupils / 1,99 EUR per person per diem for scientists, teacher, students in the year of study (Netherlands) and registrated partners/children; ICS Start+:

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