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Instant credit card decision

Registration for the MSE Forum CREDITS CARDS HIT CREDITS! See Cashback Credit Cards and Official APR Examples for more information. See Best Balance Transfers & Official APR Examples for more information. See Low Cost Credit Cards & Official APR Examples for more information. The HSBC CC Immediate decision?

Hey, does anyone know if HSBC's making an immediate credit-check?

Consoled all debts and smashed cards. They made it clear that they did not want my customs immediately. Immediately I got a "yes" online and was asked to bring all my ID papers into my HSBC, which I did.

After 4 day the pen and map came and a good end as well and I did not get HSBC. They tell you the credit line?

No map yet! Limitation is £5500 I can do the BT on-line though which is great because I am on leave for next 2 weeks and attended.

MBNA - no immediate decision?

You have been accepted in advance, so if you decide to sign up, you don't need a credit check for this one. Well, if you're cleared in advance, yes. If you have given us exact details on the contact sheet, you will be shown the map and the quotation. Unless you are pre-approved, you may receive a different number of monthly installments at 0% or a different interest rate."

Since I have definitely given exact information, it seems as if I will definitely get a map. In fact, it says that once I submit an offer, even though MBNA does a full credit check, this is only so that the request appears on my credit file and is not really used in decision making, as it has already been authorized.....

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