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Mortgage Advisor (Independent)

Mortgage Consultants Paul Alexander Morgage Consultants independent mortgage agent | Mortgage offers Headquartered in West London, we are a valued independent mortgage brokers serving customers across the UK. Our specialty is buy to let mortgage, remortgaragen, first purchaser mortgage and various other finance and assurance related services. Paul Alexander's ethical beliefs are easy, we want to make your experiences easy and help you get over any barriers you may encounter on your moneyline.

Call us today for unbiased consultation, or take a few moments to fill out our easy mortgage offer forms. - Word of warning: be careful with the charges... - Be conscious of the changes that concern the landlords... - You are never too old....

Service we offer

The brokerage charge depends on your circumstance but we expect it to be around 299.00 pounds due upon issuance of the mortgage offering. More than 10 years of mortgage outsourcing expertise have made me proud to provide all my customers with first rate consulting and top level private and business services. Having at my disposal a group of mortgage providers that are prestigious for the entire mortgage industry and being able to check a broad array of mortgage product within an hours time, why don't you let me make the effort of putting your mortgage together?

I have over 10 years combined expertise in obtaining and brokering the perfect mortgage for my customers and with easy entry to a mortgage lender network representing the entire mortgage industry, I can quickly and simply check out a broad array of mortgage offerings, so why not let me lead you through this proces.

Service we offer

Our range of mortgages is extensive and we are able to provide a large selection of mortgages to ensure that you get the mortgage that is best for you. With CMB, we have more than 25,000 mortgage offerings. It'?s really independent! Too many folks I see who were asked by other finance consultants to foot mortgage charges.

Our understanding is that the purchase of a home is costly and we do not bill our customers for mortgage settlement charges except in very unusual cases.

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