Information needed to Apply for a Mortgage

Required information for applying for a mortgage

I'm sorry, but it's about the paperwork. Documentation necessary for the mortgage request In order to speed up the mortgage procedure as quickly as possible, it is a good idea to complete your documents before applying. Your pass must be up-to-date, so if your pass has lapsed, have it extended as only an up-to-date pass will be acceptable. It can be used as evidence of identification or verification of addresses, but not both.

It must also be correct here and show your actual adress. When it shows your existing adress, even if you consider your actual adress as short-term, have it update. Get a copy, preferrably of Equifax or Experian, which are most commonly used by mortgage banks. If one of these is incorrect, then you should consult the information bureau and ask them to correct it.

When you are remunerated each week, the last thirteen week is required. When you include a bonuses as part of your salary and this is not covered by the guarantee, it must be proven. There are still three months' salary if this bonuses is disbursed every month. If, however, these are submitted each year, then the payroll must be viewed with the bonuses obtained for the last two years.

Mortgage banks do not all need one, but they can be useful if there is a consultation about the earnings record. Declarations of the last full three month are needed. Certain creditors request extracts from the post office, others agree to the use of online information as long as this is the case: Therefore, it is often worthwhile to order the post office extracts in any case.

While not all creditors will want to do this, they will buy from you with a 5% or 10% Deposit, which you will most likely need. You can use our mortgage comparison utility to find a mortgage, or if you have already found a home, please feel free to call our mortgage team to talk about the next step.

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